Nothing Compares…

My heart rapidly pirouettes.
To the twist of my emotions.
Butterfly ballet, in the pit of my stomach,
Sways to the rhythm of oceans.
Desperate to trap my breath.
Memories trickle into my veins.
Undeniable trance in every whisper.
An ache along my thighs remain.
Undying love held within your eyes.
Sultry angel kisses penetrate my skin.
A single rose trailing down my torso.
The feeding of sultry desires begin.
Eager to feel the grip of your hands.
Craving the taste of your kiss.
Fingertips graze across my flushed face.
A delicious haunting rapture this is…
Ruthless passion thriving between us lovers.
Unconditional empathy exudes.
From these intense emotions, forever.
No way, our bodies indicate untruths.
Haunting are the memories of the nights
I spent casting myself to the floor.
Tortured by the aroma in the air around us.
Don’t tell me it’s not worth fighting for.
…Nothing compares to you..

A. Joleigh

Total Being


5 thoughts on “Nothing Compares…

  1. I’m two poems in- lovely balance, continual motion as it relates to the body, sensuous feel and rhythm. carnal imagery it seems to me to be, part of your design, spilled glass of wine, urge to merge causing hurry, plan abandoned with no worries


  2. This is beautiful! so languid! Your mind flows along the rushing river of desire as your torture unfolds…very provocative.


    • This is one of my favorite pieces, really. I was feeling….aroused? Lol and had to write it. Passions like this seem to only exist in the mind. Living through writing it is damn near close.


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