Aspirations of a Muse

You sit alone

Within the shadows of a stage.

Hear me, your muse, sing our song,

That I’ll sing ’til the end of our days.

Pluck the strings of your guitar.

Imagine the instrument’s my form.

Strum each cord to the pounding of my heart.

Invoke words of ecstasy…wanting more.

I watch you slide your hands down.

Feel the curvatures of my passions.

Bend my instrument.

Do the will of your imagination.

Up and down to the beat of our own tempo.

Breathe to the iambs of one another’s appetite.

Rapacity conjures up hidden desires.

Carnal instincts thrive along my spine.

Thrust harmony deep into your mind,

As steam rises off the chorus.

Propel into tempestuous rage.

The bosom of my craft, voluptuous.

Finding your rhythm along side me.

Tune my delicate alabaster skin.

Fiercely tug on my ebony hair.

Titillate these forbidden notes within…

Melodious tears flow.

This writhing instrument’s subdued.

Fervent to arrest this moment.

…And so begins the first interlude.


Total Being


8 thoughts on “Aspirations of a Muse

  1. Methinx these words shaping this erotic overture….are very much the words to a song played on both a musical instrument and the human harp. Something tells me, like an instrument being tuned, there is much more to come.


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