And so they danced…

His frail wrinkled hand shivers

cautiously laying it on top of his wife’s.

Not wanting to disturb the sleep,

of the most unforgettable love of his life.

Barely able to open her eyes to see

yet able to feel his tender touch.

She smiles with a sigh and tries to reply

with how she yearns for him so much.

A deep heavy sleep she drifts back to

as he examines the needle in her arm.

Wishing desperately that he could save her.

Saving her from further harm.

Reminiscent his daydreams now become

remembering the first day that they met.

Once only a waitress in a small cafe

Now a woman he’ll never forget.

Looking back on the good times that they’ve had

in the past breathtaking fifty years..

The times of love making, laughing and fighting

making life for them more precious and dear.

At the end of their routine like days

he would play their favorite song

and pick her up into his arms

and kindly ask her to dance along.

And so they danced into the sunsets

never looking away from one another..

Wanting to make that single moment last.

Wanting to dance on forever..

Anniversaries pass and their children have grown.

Still, as the day ends, he turns out the lights..

letting the music help him sweep her away

along with him to an unforgettable night ..

The beeping on the monitors awaken him

from the days of life uncomplicated..

Wishing that there was some sacrifice to make.

Determined to fight, so dedicated..

He rolls over to her on the hospital bed

running his fingers through her thin grey hair..

Whispering a tune, a tune from their song

hoping to sooth her thoughts in there..

Removing the tubes to the side of her face,

kisses on her eyes and nose, he plants.

”My love, My darling, My Ginger Rogers,

may I have this one last dance?”.

With all the strength she has inside

she raises her hand up to his own

and right where they lay their hands do sway

giving her a feeling of home..

His quivering mouth rests next to her ears

as he hums to her, their tune.

Knowing that deep down within himself

she will be leaving him behind very soon..

Mumbling, she turns to him and says

”My love, my darling, my Fred Astaire,

don’t be saddened at my time near at hand.

Just remember I’ll always be there.

When you feel the room become lonely

and you feel the need to prance.

Feel free to take me along with you

to share our ever lasting, never forgotten,

first dance.”

A. Joleigh

My favorite art piece by
Leonid Afremov

7 thoughts on “And so they danced…

  1. Adrianna, thank you for this moving portrait of life-long lovers and friends. Their parting is a celebration of their love. Delightfully bittersweet poem.


  2. Really moving Adrianna, I’ve got a lump in my throat 🙂 an excellent concept too. It kind of reminds me of the opening ten minutes of the film ‘Up’ that too had me close to tears, ah who am I kidding, I cried like a baby LOL 😀


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