Rapacity (Greed)

The day began with birds singing.

Children played beneath an awning.

Laughter rippled through the spring air.

Then all ceased without warning.

Bolts of light in the distance.

Violent quakes shook the earth.

Rolling waves of dark clouds came crashing,

engulfing life in its broadened girth.

Terrifying screams go unheard,

muted by the tempestuous blasts.

Where laid a beautiful city

now lay mere remains of its pasts.

A small child, was too frightened to run.

Her quivering lips called for her mother.

No response, only silence.

Frozen in her place, nowhere to take cover.

Tears stained her delicate rosy cheeks,

as her nose began to bleed.

Clueless of what’s happening,

she witnessed the world fall to its knees.

Fires consume the ill-fated city

below the mountain where she’s born.

Screams were heard from burning victims.

Doubtless then, she had been forlorn.

Planes flew furiously overhead

dropping terror onto the people below.

In the vast distance, defense armies gathered

Finding it hard to swallow.

The poisons spread into their lungs.

Every living thing soon perished.

Subdued without prejudice or favoritism.

Inconceivable for life to flourish.

Ashes fell upon her golden lashes,

tainting the life she just began,

and forever demolishing her memories

with the day rapacity conquered man.

—A. Joleigh

copyright © 2013 Adrianna Joleigh

Total Being

Artist Leonid Afremov


9 thoughts on “Rapacity (Greed)

  1. I liked the poem before and I like it still now. I don’t like the truth painted by the stirring words. Skillfully written, sorrowfully received.


  2. Beautiful Adrianna! At first I thought you were describing the destruction of the city of Pompeii in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius through the eyes of a little girl. Then you mentioned, ‘Planes flew furiously overhead.’ Then I figured that you were describing a war scene. Either way your words are haunting. Great job! 😀


  3. Adrianna you moved me. The beauty amid the destruction. The innocence savaged by destruction. Ashes upon her lashes.

    I despise the carnage but I thank you for the deep feelings.


    • I have them often, which is why I steer clear of the news, but we can’t always run from the bad things in this world. It’s horribly sad that this actually does happen every day, somewhere..


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