Listen to the thunder in my heart.

Witness the rain fall from my eyes.

Smell the fear that I hold in my hands

after hearing you say your goodbyes.

From the moment we first met

I knew life would not be the same.

The tender touch of your hand on my face.

The way your voice whispered my name.

Memories like these will never cease.

and forever hold my love at bay.

Nightmares of that awful night when you left.

The night I begged you to stay.

I close my eyes to listen for your return.

Praying you will change your mind.

Be my lover, my friend, my soul mate forever.

Never another  like you, will I find.

Seconds pass since you left my position.

Feeling like its been for many a week.

Will you ever come back home to me

or will it be another life that you seek.

Hours, Days, Months and Years go by

but I will never forget how you smelled.

The spicy sweetness of your gentle skin

and your neck where my face once dwelled.

I have faith we will be together again.

That day won’t come soon enough.

I never knew that losing the one I love

would make life so unbearably rough.

I stand strong, wise and vigilant

and others help me look for the day

when we will all be a spiritual family again

no matter what troubles come our way.

Til then, my love, I live and laugh

and hope one day to wake up surprised

to find that we have reached another lifetime…

a time of no more goodbyes.

—A. Joleigh

My favorite art piece by  Leonid Afremov

My favorite art piece by
Leonid Afremov

13 thoughts on “Goodbyes

    • Thank you Alana. I know how happy you always are. I am reluctant to show you the painful side of me in fear that it may make you uncomfortable. You are always so smiley and happy. I love that about you. Sweet kindred spirit. 🙂


  1. The ache of love lost, a part given and gone, the remains of someone shared – pain and time mingle. Thanks Adrianna beautifully spoken.


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