Da Vinci & Sorriso della Gioconda (Mona Lisa’s Smile)

He approached the panel on which to create

a masterpiece to live on for centuries.

An image appeared. He began to stroke.

Fondling its impurities.


Channeled by the phantom of his mind’s eye,

Poetically brushing along the grains.

Passions danced across the wooden sheet,

to the quixotic spectrum of his pain.


Enamored and with tears, he stared

at a masterpiece yet created.

So much of himself put into the curves.

In this creation he became elated.


One meager glide with the tip of his wand.

Inspired by a vision, a woman.

Heavenly bold browns and elegant hues,

radiate sensual desires,

like that of a human.


Countless days came and went.

As he glowered, the more of himself he saw.

Although the work of art resembled her,

the person within wasn’t her, at all.


Jubilant over this remarkable vision,

He seen it to be all worthwhile,

To have painted a hidden portrait of himself…

Hidden behind Mona Lisa’s smile.

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27 thoughts on “Da Vinci & Sorriso della Gioconda (Mona Lisa’s Smile)

  1. This is fantastic. I readd it over twice.Love the flow,the story, the subtle rhymes….I was left thinking about Mona Lisa in a whole new way. Thank you for sharing it with me Adrianna


    • I’m do happy to hear that. 🙂 I had a lot more written but it didn’t seem to flow very well. I wish I could have kept it. Lol. Maybe in another one. 😉 thank you very much for your support and taking the time to read. 😉 hope you’re having a good day or sleeping well. 🙂


  2. Haha! Nice re-imagining, or, getting into the mind of? ANYWAY…I remember reading the theory of how perhaps the portrait was a disguised version of himself. He was all about a weird symmetry in his art. Ever see/read about the triangle stuff in the “Last Supper” painting? Also, just recently, I think, two days ago? They may have found the bones of Ms. Mona! They are running, or going to run DNA tests and then do some of the facial reconstruction on the skull. Now all we need is a Sci Fi film where they clone her like in Jurassic Park! LOL
    NOW that could be a story you could write! 😉
    Hurry up before a Crichton fan beats you to it!


    • LMAO!!! Oh man your imagination is awesome Michael. Lol! Yes! I have heard about the “last supper.” I need to read up on more if that. Maybe I can write about that one too. 😉 (giggle snorts) Still laughing at the cloning and Jurassic Park idea lmao!! But how exciting that they found her!!! Where did you hear this? I want to look into it. I don’t have television so I may have to find it online.


  3. Adrianna, reading this again was pleasing. Your ability to perceive the inner dialogue of a person’s reality is one of your writing strengths. In this instance is capturing a master artists’s creative process in timeless presentation.Thanks for sharing your gift.


    • Thank you AJ. So much. I remember when I originally wrote this piece you mentioned to me that I hurried through it and need to lol at how I word it all. I hope I’ve improve in the slightest. I do so admire your opinion of poetry. You are after all, very knowledgable. 😉 thank you again.


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