The Siren Call

Fierce screams and slamming doors
swept across the dewy moors,
lingering through musky corridors.
A woman’s lost forever more.

Truculent bolts arced down
onto the damn impious town
where the secret haunted ’round
the house on hollow ground.

Cries echoed ‘cross the dusky lake
reminding him of his mistake.

Her restless soul begins to wake
from the depths of a hidden cape.

Malicious moon crept the horizon.
Blood flowed down; the river’s risin’.
Her heart thumps; her soul cast asunder
Mother Earth’s bitter poison thundered.

Once again he heard her cries.
Lurking ’round the weeping byes.
Stunned ‘n’ chilled by morbid eyes.

Murderous lover’s demise.

Invidious, skeptic lover sleeps
while the vengeful shadow creeps.
At his bedside, vengeance weeps
Wielding the rusted dagger―deep.

“Suffer this thrust, you unbeliever.
Die by the hands of a creeper.
Fear the judgment of your Reaper.

Regretting now you didn’t keep her.

Depart to the depths below the cape
where your guilt lies in wait.
Greeted by unwelcomed fate.
Aquatic prison; where you’ll stay.

Howling screams; the shadows wake.

Seek forgiveness in creatures of sin.
Recognize your evil within.
Burn in hell with your fellow-men.
Never be heard from again.”

Daggered lungs deflate his chest
as death lays his soul to rest.
Branding insignia into his breast.
Convicting him in his digress.

‘’Good and evil remains in all.
Tis up to you, which way you’ll fall.
Get on your knees; beg and crawl.
You son of a bitch…

hear the Siren call.’’

Copyright ©  2013 Adrianna Joleigh

Published by The Darkertimes Publisher

25 thoughts on “The Siren Call

  1. This one moves to second on my list of favorites. (The top spot can’t be moved because of it’s personal nature.) There is so much story in this poem. Gripping words, visions, and vengeance.



    • I like the short story idea. I never thought I’d be able to get it into poem format. Funny how our minds work when we are in the car. I had this doom music playing in my head and imagined what a deep voiced man would say to the music lol.. and so this came out. Now, if I can manage to write longer stories! (focus Adrianna, focus!)


    • this is so fantastic in a wonderful dark way, i have had these thoughts about the hateful men but now , never again….i wish your mind would expand on this it could become an anthen to scorned women everywhere…love it…


      • Oh wow! Thank you Kim!! I had mentioned to someone earlier that I thought about making it a bit longer to write a story. Now that you said it, I don’t think my idea is that crazy after all. 😉 thank you mama. X


        • Adrianna you really have a full story here! The poem is so powerful! It screams for vengeance! The setting is interesting. You could set the story in just about any time as you want. You could make it a modern story. You could make it a ghost story about a woman scorned who takes her revenge on men.

          I am eager to read it already!


    • Thank you sweet Yolanda. It was a bit tricky for sure. It was more of a fantasy type image I had in my head. Perhaps I should elaborate into a longer story, but without rhyme. Thank you for reading. xxx


  2. Adrianna, using different rhymes for each stanza is a great way to keep the flow of the poem/story moving and stay un-boring. The strong words and imagery strikes @ the heart and one feels the evil and brutal hardness.


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