A Tryst With a Twist

The misshapen feckless man picked up a stool, and brought it to the table where she lay. He panted, allowing his shoulders to hang, and his posture to subside. He unbuckled the strap from her forehead, exposing the leather-burns, and removed the gag from her busted mouth.

 Her comatose body lay there, tranquil. Her chin fully relaxed, leaving her lips slightly open.

Starting at her hairline, avoiding the bruises, he wound a wavy strand around his forefinger.

So black, so silky, so…   

“Oh,” sucking back the drool from his lips, “so pretty — so soft — curves!  Mine.  Wake up. Be mine. We make love together .”

The hypnotic symmetry in her ivory facial curves encouraged his desire to keep her for himself. While tracing her battered eyes, he obsessed over every eyelash. His trembling finger outlined the sloped tip of her bloody nose. Her full, pouty, blood stained lips beckoned him. He ran his finger up from her jaw, cleaning up the trial of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth, tasting her.

His sweaty, unsteady hand pressed into his leg, rubbing back and forth. His carnal desires controlled him, increasing with every touch of her skin. The nervous tapping of his shoe kept rhythm with his thumping heart.

She won’t notice, surely.

He leaned down over her body. Wisps of her hair shifted as he exhaled, the warmth of his breath reverted from her skin.  He stared at her eyes, and fancied what it would be like to look in them and lose himself. The musty odor rose from her wounds. The putrid scent of the clammy nectar excited him.  He licked the plasma secreting from the exposed lacerations.

His eyes wandered up from her wrists to her chest. Using his forefinger he stroked the divots lining the bottom of her neckline. Light as a feather his finger crept. Chills covered her flesh, enticing him. Her gown interfered with his target. He wiggled closer. Shutting his eyes―he allowed the hands to see for him. They found the valley. At the peak of her breasts rested bubblegum-pink tear drops, hard and provoking. He demanded more.

Oh m…

‘’Igor! Back away from the table.’’

‘’Yes, master.’’

27 thoughts on “A Tryst With a Twist

      • LOL, sorry, I was referring to the erm, rather unsavoury videos my boss was sacked for having on his office computer, lol. I was just kidding. A great idea, and one that could totally be expanded and explored.


        • Lmao. Now i want to see what he had on his compie haha!! Thanks!! I will do my best to bring more to the table next one. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see, I’m all ears and more than happy to hear them. 🙂


  1. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHA! Wow! Tricked me with that one. Poor old Igor just wanted some tail! LOL
    Great idea and concept. You need to write a book about the life of Igor, I doubt anyone has done that yet, but it won’t be long. You know how great ideas tend to come to several people at once across the world. Look at the story “Wicked”. Now a big broadway play. It had been thought of a few times by different authors and yet only one made it popular.

    Good luck if you choose to do that. =)


  2. Oooh, definitely a fun little creepy read! It’s it bizarre how drawing sex and violence are if they are well written? I didn’t expect it to be from Igor’s point of view, so well done!


    • Hi Katie! It’s good to see you here! 🙂 and yes, it is fun to mix a little bit of sex and roughness…;) lol. I got tickled inside when I had him yelled at the end. Like Frankenstein thought, “oh jeez. Not again. That horny bastard.” Lol. I had fun with it, for sure. Thank you for reading!


  3. Well done, Adrianna! The POV held attention and suspense until the twist at the end. A quick in-and-out with the implied conflict masking the psychologic turmult. I particularly like the idea of the resolution coming from an undisclosed third-party.

    A small amount of attention might be paid to the descriptors you used. Be sure you are comfortable with that wording in the context of Igor (even written in the third person). The speaker is obviously not Igor, but is the coloring right for such an unsympathetic character? I am not saying that I find anything wrong, you know your voice better than I do.

    All-in-all, superlative work. Keep it up.


  4. Adrianna that gave me chills. It was very disturbing. You made the scene so vivid. I thought it was the beginning of a great crime story. I would love to read more and more and more.


  5. No rush Adrianna. I fully understand. Buon Appetite. I wont be able to send you the book until later this evening. Enjoy them babies.


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