Gandalf by A. Joleigh

My first sketch

My first sketch


Let me remind you guys that I’m not a professional. I began sketching in October of 2013 and I’m still learning. Any constructive critiques and helpful advice is welcome. 🙂

I used a 6B pencil in this sketch. I had no clue at the time what HB, B, H meant. I used all I had at the time. Now that I do know what I didn’t know then, I’d like to try this sketch one more time to see if I can create a better Gandalf. I think fear of not being able to better myself keeps me from trying.

2013-10-03 (1)

I began with the eye, and I was so tempted to stop right there. The eye immediately showed emotion for me, and the idea of having to do an entire face intimidated me greatly. It took me 7 hours to draw this.

What do you think?

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